Book Description

If you have children and you’re not independently wealthy, then you need this book.


Inside you will find everything you need to know about investing, which really is far less (and it’s all far simpler) than we are led to believe by financial gurus who make a tidy living creating the illusion of complexity.


A compelling, easy-to-read style presents a proven long-term investing method that will allow you to turn your child into a Child Millionaire with little investing knowledge on as little as $50 a month.


The Child Millionaire is an uncommon guide to:

* Everything you need to know about investing even if your current level of investing knowlege is zero
* Child Millionaire investment secrets and methods that the so-called professionals don’t know and wouldn’t want you to know
* How to stop ‘saving’ like the poor and start ‘investing’ in real assets like the wealthly
* The secret of how to select the only type of investment that can turn your child into a millionaire
* Step-by-step instructions on how to setup a Child Millionaire portfolio, at low or even zero cost, and select the right investments
* How to manage your Child Millionaire portfolio in only 4 hours per year and effectively get paid $500 per hour for the effort of making your child rich
* How to get started even if all you can afford is $50 per month
* How to pay for your child’s education and replace child allowance or pocket money with investment income
* Techniques for teaching your child to handle money, get rich and stay rich
* How to run Child Millionaire portfolio simulations with the free Child Millionaire Calculator to determine when your child will become a millionaire



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