Mia's Portfolio

My lovely daughter Mia was born on 10 February 2011. On this page I’ll be posting details of her Child Millionaire portfolio and tracking and analysing my investment decisions and the results as it grows.


Mia’s portfolio is now underway. I’ll be posting details of further investments, dividend payouts and reinvestments as they happen.


Purchase Shares Purchase Book Div Annual Div
Company Date Held Price (p) Value Rate Income Yield
Standard Life (SL.) 18-Apr-11 250 211.202 £528.01 £0.134 £33.50 6.345%
FirstGroup (FGP) 20-Jul-11 150 348.982 £523.47 £0.236 £35.40 6.76%
Total £1,051.48 £68.90

2 thoughts on “Mia's Portfolio

  1. Yes, but how? I feel totally clueless – yes, must buy your book. I’m currently investing £100/month into a child trust fund. Is this the way to go or should I stop and start investing more agressively? BUT again. HOW? How does one start investing? I have read that Foreign and Colonial are great to invest with, but there my research ended. I didn’t know WHAT to do next.*

    I also have £20k in a cash ISA which I may need to use in the next couple of years (on house refurb). So, given that’s the case, should I just leave it there?

    *Pl can you do a 101 on how one even starts investing. It seems like something only other people do. Other people being those very clever banker types. And not me.

    Many congrats on the birth of little Mia!


  2. Hi Nadia,

    The Child Millionaire ebook is essentially a 101 on investing but without the conventional wisdom bias towards rubbish investments.

    I explain the very basics of investing, how it works including stock/share markets, what dividends are and how you get them, compound interest, inflation etc. I also provide a step-by-step guide to setting up an investment portfolio and how to choose what investments to purchase and what to avoid [most managed funds for example]. The book is a quick read – all practical and no fluff – and actually setting up an investment account and plan takes a few hours maximum and can basically be done over the internet.

    Without knowing your specific situation it is hard to comment. With respect to the £100 a month in the child trust fund it depends on what you are investing the money in. If it is just sitting there earning pitiful interest you need to do something much better with it as inflation in the 5.5% inflation in the UK means you are losing money. As for your £20,000, if you are going to use this for renos [is this really the best use for scarce capital in this property obsessed country where property prices are falling and your £20,000 will likely not repay itself?] if you really want to use if for renos then leave it in the cash ISA until you need it.

    However if you want to invest that money for yourself of your child/children and multiply its value many times over the long term then after you read Child Millionaire you may have a very different idea of what to do with it than pour it into a property. To whet your appetite, go to the child millionaire calculator, download it and plug in £20,000 and some reasonable figures and see the real potential.

    Thanks for the congratulations and happy investing!


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