Welcome – How to Turn 10 Bucks into $1 million

Have you ever looked at your child in the harsh light of recession, rising oil prices and plummeting house prices and felt the cold fear that he or she might end up flipping burgers for life? Do you want to give your child the gift of financial independence and the freedom to choose his or her own life?


I know I do.


My solution has been to create a Child Millionaire investment portfolio for my daughter Mia using proven investment techniques that will set her up financially for life and then to share these methods with other parents through this blog. I’ve also distilled my experience, research and methods into The Child Millionaire ebook as an antidote to your late night fears about your child’s future.


Buy the ebook now and learn the hands-on secrets of how to turn your child into a millionaire. It’s only $9.99 US or about £6.25 or just over 7 euros but the content could be worth millions to your child. If you prefer to sample before ordering, please dip into the menu on the right for information about the book, me and my story and content and blog articles on how to turn your child into a Child Millionaire.


Happy investing!

Rob West



2 thoughts on “Welcome – How to Turn 10 Bucks into $1 million

  1. Hi,
    I have a question. I live in the Caribbean and I don’t have any children as yet. Will this advice work in the Caribbean? I look forward to your response.



    • Hi Kavan

      The strategy is location independent meaning that as long as you have access to a trading account in your country that allows trading on at least one large, diverse capital market in North America, Europe or the Far East you can set-up a Child Millionaire portfolio no matter where you live. You will just need to be mindful of any withholding tax that might be payable if you are trading on a foreign market out of a Caribbean country. It might pay to look into setting up and account in the Cayman Islands or other similar local financial centre if such trading accounts aren’t offered by the financial institutions in your country. You might even benefit on the tax front by doing this.



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