Rob West is a publisher, author, blogger, serial entrepreneur, traveller and lifestyle designer with professional interests in publishing, sustainability and investing. He’s a firm believer in defining your own success and prioritizing action and experience and his work is geared towards giving people the practical tools and motivation to steer their own course, make life happen on their terms and contribute to a more positive world.


He’s lived on both sides of the Atlantic, calls London home and has filled several passports with entrance stamps to 40 countries. His most recent bout of itchy feet was a 14 month vagabonding session that threaded a course from the fells of England through the beer halls of Prague, the canals of Venice, the rainforests of Laos, the islands of Thailand, the volcanoes of Indonesia, the beachs of New Zealand, the deserts of Australia, the bars of Hollywood and the mountains of Western Canada.


Rob started investing in university and got absolutely slaughtered when the dotcom bubble burst causing him to rethink life, happiness and everything he thought he knew about investing. Over the past ten years he’s commissioned several hundred books on sustainability and has developed a vision for the long-term along with a sizeable investment portfolio using the principles of ownership and income. He’s now combined his long-term thinking with his investing success and distilled the juice into The Child Millionaire, which is the ultimate long-term investment guide.




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