Principles of the Child Millionaire Portfolio I

Investing can seem complicated to the uninitiated, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The perception that you must read the financial press, know complex mathematics or have ‘secret’ insider knowledge is simply not true. Anyone can setup an investment portfolio for themselves or their child and grow rich. There’s no secret to it once you understand the basics. Investing really is (almost) as easy as opening a bank account and going shopping for groceries.


The Child Millionaire investment philosophy and methods are geared towards very long time horizons. Unlike an actively managed investment portfolio with shorter time horizons where the risk and consequences of losing money are amplified, the Child Millionaire system is designed to be:


  • Easy to set up and run with little or no knowledge of investment or economics, by absolutely anyone.
  • Automated as much as possible and requiring little or no active management.
  • A true robust investment system where you purchase and own real, wealth-generating assets, not a speculative bet or ‘play’ on the market. If you are looking to speculate or get rich quick then this system isn’t for you. We are looking to build real, long-term wealth for your child.
  • Not dependent on, or even concerned with, which way the market is headed.
  • Geared to very long time horizons of 20, 30, 50 or even 80 years where risk and volatility are flattened.


The principles of the system are also applicable to your own retirement planning if you have 20+ years to go. However, the system may not be suitable for shorter-term investment horizons such as saving for a house deposit. With shorter horizons, market volatility and risk are amplified, particularly Black Swan type events such as market crashes, which could lead to severe, if only temporary, losses of capital. As with all types of investment and any investment system, it is possible to lose money; however, I have a serious allergy to losing money so I’ve designed this system to minimize the chances of capital loss and maximize the potential for gain.


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