Why I Started the Child Millionaire Portfolio

My daughter Mia was ‘made’ somewhere in the vastness of the Northern Territory of Australia back in May 2010 and born in London on 10 February 2011.


As with all new parents-to-be we scurried about in the months before her birth collecting clothing, toys, bedding and preparing for her imminent arrival. We also started to think about her (though we didn’t know she’d be a she) future and in particular her financial future. Being born into the most severe financial crisis of the past 80 years and into a world of constrained resources, increasing competition, rising inflation and massive public debt is a precarious way to begin your life.


Looking forward we wanted to give our daughter a leg up in the world by reducing or eliminating her future financial needs by starting an investment portfolio for her. The goal, to make it simple, is to turn Mia into a ‘millionaire’ and more importantly for her portfolio to be comprised of high value investments that will generate an enduring, low-tax income that she can rely on through thick and thin. The idea isn’t to create a rich spoiled brat without any drive but rather to mitigate the insecurity and constraint on life choices that a lack of money and the constant worry bring with them. So our objective, more than anything, is to give our daughter a solid financial foundation upon which she will be able to build the life that she wants.

Mia was made somewhere out there

Mia’s investment portfolio is therefore about enhancing her options and life choices through the use of money as a tool. And along the way to teach her skills with money and the principles of sound financial management. We aren’t doing this so that accumulating more money becomes her life purpose, but rather to enable her the rare opportunity to focus on whatever career, creative or life choices she wants without having to compromise them in order to earn enough to pay the rent and buy groceries.


I’ll be blogging about all aspects of how I’ve gone about developing Mia’s Child Millionaire portfolio, the goals, investment choices and some of the investing principles I’m using. The portfolio holdings can be found under Mia’s Portfolio.


I’ve also distilled all of the principles and a step-by-step ‘how-to’ for parents into The Child Millionaire ebook so you can create your own Child Millionaire portfolio and give your child the ultimate in life choice even if you know nothing about investing and have little time or money to spare.



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